“European Military Transformation in Comparative Perspective”

Venus in Arms has recentely devoted a lot of attention to a relevant issue: the military transformation. In a  previous post, we have presented our forthcoming book on the argument. The book is about the change in Italian Armed Forces since 2001. The manuscript focuses on new empirical evidence on how the Italian forces, compared and contrasted with the French and the British ones, have devised their doctrines, their force structures and their budgets.

If you are interested in the topic we suggest the following event. On February 11th, one of the ViA’s editor, Fabrizio Coticchia, (Jean Monnet Fellow at the EUI) will give the seminar: “European Military Transformation in Comparative Perspective”. This is a Joint Seminar: Europe in the World Research Seminar Series & RSCAS Seminar Series, European University Institute – EUI.

The event will take place at Villa Malafrasca (4.30pm), via Boccaccio 151, Florence.

Also Sandra Destradi and Philip Schleifer will present their research. Prof. Ulrich Krotz will be the chair of the seminar.

Here below the abstract of the presentation:

The project aims to analyze the transformation of European armed forces in comparative perspective. The focus of the research is the organizational dimension of the restructuring  of armed forces through three different lenses: doctrine and strategic framework, budget and resource  allocation, and force structure and deployment (ISAF operation in Afghanistan, 2001-2014). The project examines the evolution of armed forces occurred in several European countries: Italy, UK, France, Germany,  Denmark and the Netherlands. Supported by an  extensive use of primary and secondary sources the research aims to provide an innovative contribution to  the current debate on military transformation.

See you soon in Florence.


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