Projecting Stability in an Unstable World

What is stability? What policies can lead to “stable” outcomes in countries emerging from civil wars or undergoing political upheavals? A 2-day workshop sponsored by NATO – Allied Command Transformation and organized by the University of Bologna and the Istituto Affari Internazionali – IAI has been addressing these questions in the past Spring. Academics, think tankers and practitioners (from IOs and NGOs) participated to the event.

Now, a report summarizing the main findings of the Workshop has been released (you can find it on the UNIBO and IAI websites).  The report, entitled “Projecting Stability in an Unstable World” and edited by Sonia Lucarelli and Francesco Moro (UNIBO) and Alessandro Marrone (IAI), features 3 sections discussing (1) stability and stabilization, (2) the interactions among international stakeholders and (3) the interactions between IOs and NGOs.

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